eve mattress topper reviews

  • 4.6/5 (888 Reviews)

Soooo comfortable best nights sleep

Soooo comfortable best nights sleep I've had in ages. Thanks.

A slice of heaven

Renting is a nightmare and you never quite know what mattress you’re going to get. That’s why I decided to get the topper and I am so glad I did. The difference it makes takes my sleep from the worst ever to the best.

Sleeping much better with Eve!

I moved into a rental apartment with a very uncomfortable springy mattress. Not wanting to pay for a full mattress and have the hassle of getting the landlady to lift hers I decided to try the Eve topper instead - and so glad I did! Very comfortable, doesn't move around, masks ... the springy mattress perfectly. I was a bit concerned when I first rolled it out that it had a fold bump right across the middle but that soon came out.

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Eve Topper king size

Recently bought a new firm mattress (not an eve one) both husband and I ached so much in the morning, our mattress too firm. So bought eve topper to cushion ..... lovely comfy sleep. Definitely recommend.

Very happy

Lovely topper, our new mattress was feeling to firm, the topper softened this has improved our sleep.

The best ever mattress topper

Couldn't decide whether to buy a new matress or go for a mattress topper. The Eve topper is amazing - so comfortable so its like having a new mattress for a fraction of the price!

Great for renters

We rent so move semi-frequently. This topper can be packed up, put in a new room and bingo! Super comfy mattress from day 1. We love it and have recommended it to many of our friends.

Best thing ove ever bought

Bought the topper to extend life of mattress. Hadnt been sleeping properly one night on the topper and slept like a baby, wish id done it sooner.


Bought two mattresses - one for my daughter and one for myself. Delivery is good - highly recommend the deliver to your room one if you have more than one floor. It is actually very heavy! The mattress itself is of good quality - good support for the back. Highly recommend!

Excellent product

Sleep transformed by the topper which is so very comfortable, and also by the pillow which is the perfect support

Eve mattress topper

We bought the eve mattress topper for our super king bed, I’ve previously had spinal surgery and was getting some pain in my hips from our firm mattress.. I was a little worried about how much it cost due to the size we needed however the30 day trial was really useful and gave us ... peace of mind about trying it out. Unfortunately my husband said that it made him a little too warm and I had trouble adjusting to the softness so we decided to return the topper, it was a nice and simple process and we were given our full refund within 3 days, the customer service team were really friendly and helpful

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Eve topper

... We bought this for our motorhome and what a difference it’s made to our sleeping. We wake up fresh and free from aches. It’s made all the difference and we’d highly recommend this to anyone wanting a more comfortable sleep whether at home or out and about in a motorhome/caravan.

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I'm not the best sleeper (like so many of us!) - usually no problem to fall asleep, but staying asleep, that's another matter! I also have back problems so wanted to upgrade as my back was sore in the morning. I'd read a lot about Eve and wanted to give the mattress ... topper a try. It was a revelation! I genuinely slept better from night 1 and although I'm still not a perfect sleeper....I'm a better sleeper...and I credit my Eve mattress topper for that!

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Eve Topper Fantastic

Our bed has a great mattress but we are finding that we now prefer a softer experience. We decided to try a topper rather than a new mattress and have found the eve to be fantastic.

A comfy night's sleep restored

I bought a topper about 2 years ago to use on a good but ageing mattress in the spare bedroom. Whoever slept there loved the comfort and slept well. As a consequence we bought toppers for our other beds. The beds are so comfy and give super support. We are very very happy with our ... purchases. Well worth buying.

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Mattress topper - UK king

Great mattress topper. Excellent quality. You will not be disappointed. Worth the extra cost for a superior product.

Comfort at last

Fed up with waking up feeling like I’d not slept and with pain in my hips, I changed my mattress several times to no effect. Then I buy an eve topper and comfort at last.! No pain and I wake feeling refreshed. I don’t get hot at night. The topper keeps me cool. And it’s not ... too thick to make getting into bed feel like climbing Mount Everest, as with some toppers. Thanks.

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A great topper

the topper is comfortable and keeps me cool too. In addition we have no "lumpy" bits in the topper where the old one used to gather. It would be daft not to buy one.

Sanity saver

Having moved home, I had a bad fall and damaged my back - before I could even unpack. My eve mattress topper arrived and whoo-hoo, my night-times became easier. I awoke after a comfortable night's sleep and was able to get out of bed in the morning with much less discomfort. ... I'm saving for a full mattress! Thank you all at eve mattresses.

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Small double topper

Very soft and just what I needed but keeps sliding down just a bit