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eve hybrid mattress reviews

  • 4.7/5 (520 Reviews)

Great mattress

What can I say its a great mattress, its not thin so you feel like your getting your money's worth and its comfy too!

Brilliant Mattress

First mattress that has resulted in me falling asleep within 5 minutes of lying down every night.

Change of mattres

Having previously used a standard mattress. The change to Eve has seen a massive improvement with regard to the sleep both myself and my partner are able to achieve. Prior to moving to Eve there was nothiong short of sleep depravation being expereinced. But recently we are both able ... (Children permitting) to slumber through the night unhindered by the mattress underneath us.

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Too soft for me

I have many medical conditions, unfortunately the mattress was to shift for me. Yet my partner loved it. Very well made mattress.

The stats don't lie

I was a little skeptical about how much of a difference a mattress could make to the quality of my sleep. The first few nights, "meh, it's ok" was my general reaction. But then, a few nights in and boom, I'm sleeping like a baby! Not only is it comfortable, but ... I have the stats to back it up. I'm one of "those" people who wears a smart watch that tracks quality of sleep and I have seen a marked improvement in the stats since I switched to my Eve hybrid. No longer a sceptic, now a fully fledged convert. Can't recommend enough.

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Eve Hybrid

Excellent mattress, worth every penny.

So far so good

I received my eve mattress just over a month ago and so far find it both comfortable and supportive. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


Having struggled with back, neck and snoring issues for the past 5 years I’m getting great more rolling into my husband when one of use turns over in the night. Comfortable to sleep, snooze or read now we have eve

Great mattress

Really comfy, old memory foam mattress was giving me a bad back this one is much better!

Great Matteress

Great Quality, excellent delivery. Happy customer and would recommend.

Great delivery

The kind delivery gentleman gave me such reassurance that we’d made the right pick of mattresses when he delivered to our door. Saying that he had it and it was the best available. :)

Why did we wait so long?!

After deciding that our current mattress was past its best, we looked into the Eve mattresses and finally decided to give the eve hybrid a go. It was delivered swiftly, and packaged as described on the website. Unpacking was easy, and the mattress was ready to go in a few hours. As ... for the will not regret buying this product! It is by far the most comfortable mattress we have ever used. We were a little sceptical about not having tried it first so didn’t know what to expect for the firmness, but at the end of the day, that’s where the 100 day return policy comes into its own. But honestly, I don’t think you will be returning this mattress, it is simply like sleeping on a cloud.

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Excellent mattress

The Eve hybrid mattress arrived promptly and it's very comfortable. No problems at all.



Eve hybrid

Still undecided,we are in our 100 day trial but not sure if we will keep it. Me and my wife have not found it as comfortable as we had hoped. It feels nice to touch and feels firm but we are probably waking up with more back ache than we did with our old mattress. So we will persevere ... for a little while longer before deciding.

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Bad back

I bought this for my elderly mum who was having constant aches in her back from sleeping on a very old mattress. She has the topper as well for added comfort. She is delighted with the combination and says she is sleeping better than she has in years.

Amazingly Comfortable, Great Value

Love this mattress! Super speedy delivery, very comfortable and good value too. Thumbs up!

Hybrid Mattress

This mattress has been an absolute dream. I've slept so well since buying it. Its honestly the best night sleep i've ever had. The right amount of firm and soft.

an awesome night's sleep

Just the right mix of firmness underneath but a soft layer on top - this mattress lets you sink in, but then gives you the support you need. I have a bad lower back but it's definitely improved after a month of sleeping on the Eve Hybird. Was easy to get out the box, it was at ... the correct size within a couple of hours, and we were able to sleep on it that evening. My wife - who wasn't completely convinced - absolutely loves it now. I don't think we will ever swap for anything else!

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Good product

My mattress was delivered on time and is quite comfortable. I suffer from back pain and it has helped. Obviously still wake up with some pain. The memory foam is great and worth the money